Dietitians, the fat feeling & overthinking central. 

I have some goals with my food intake that I’m doing my best to achieve. I’m honestly finding that each day is different. Sometimes I can wake up and eat a full breakfast and feel ok, but other days I’m too uncomfortable with the amount of calories in the meal to eat it. I’ve already realised that I’m soooo used to living in a hungry state, and when I have eaten my breakfast I have fewer thoughts about food and cravings in the following hours. Who would have thought that maybe, just maybe, people who eat normally don’t spend their whole lives overanalysing food? LOL AT MY LIFE 

Today was predominantly very relaxing and equally productive, until a worry came in and brought along with it the fat feeling. Basically any emotion has the power to make me feel fat, and feeling fat then makes me feel angry & disappointed in myself for being as imperfect and flabby as I am. Nothing and nobody can calm my feelings of fatness, and unfortunately that’s just the way it is. 

Do any of you relate to feeling fat? How do you handle it? 

When I get stuck in thought cycles about my body, I find it such a challenge to stop overthinking. This has always been a trait of mine, but it’s been exaggerated by OCD. Fingers crossed the feelings are so strong in the morning

Night xoxo

2 thoughts on “Dietitians, the fat feeling & overthinking central. 

  1. I feel the same as you with the fat feeling and how inescapable it is. I haven’t yet found a solution to it. Although, focusing on important things does help sometimes. Like, when I get the fat feeling, it becomes the main focus of my mind and the most important thing. But, focusing on things that are actually important – for me, it’s exams, it could be a project at work or whatever – helps take my mind off the fat feeling and put it into perspective. There’s also this thing called a worry box. Our minds all have worry boxes. Evaluate your worry box. At the bottom, place all the worries that you can’t do anything about and are least important at the bottom. Then place the worries that you can’t do anything about right now but are important (this is where I would place feeling fat). You can fovus on these worries later. Next, place the worries that you can do something about but aren’t important. And finally, place the worries that you can do something about and are important at the top (this could be revising for exams or finishine a project). If you have the energy, you can focus on these worries. Now, imagine locking the worry box with a big padlock. That helps clear my mind sometimes when I start overthinking. Hope you’re okay xx

    • Thanks for commenting 🙂 I have never heard the Worry Box description before & it’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing it- I’m going to make a list of them xx

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