If you’re a student, or have ever been one, you are probably familiar with the pile of dishes that “nobody used”, the “I swear it’s you turn to buy …..” Argument, and the fact that there will never be an agreement with the heating that suits everybody. In my first year of studying, the house I shared was 6 bedrooms plus a shared kitchen area. By kitchen, I mean an oven that cooked slower than anything I’ve ever known, and by shared, I mean we have one cupboard each. Basically, it sucked. 

I made some good friends, but I learned that I hate being around people so much and also proved to me that my obsessions about cleanliness really are very contrasting to those of other people. 

I’ve since lived in a 2 bed house which is much more suitable for my personality. But my obsessions with things continue to make it challenging sometimes. For me, I can’t understand why anybody would ever leave things on the floor, or have a pile that isn’t organised. I have to accept that other people don’t want to waste their time tidying, however I don’t really know where normal actually is, or when others are being too messy. 

Anyone else find themselves consistently tidier and more worried about maintaining that than their housemates?

Anyone live alone and like it? 


4 thoughts on “Housemating. 

  1. I live in a facility with 1a50 people. It’s very hard to keep things organized. Plus, I’m totally blind.

    • Sometimes I definitely need people. Or at least my phone and the knowledge that my mum is free if I’m feeling bad. I just find too many housemates exhausting!

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