7 thing to do lists. 

Tempting as it is, I know that writing a to do list with a billion things on it makes me much less likely to actually be productive. In one of Kati Morton’s YouTube videos she talks about how studies show 7 is the limit of things we can do in a day. Obviously, this does vary if one of your items on the checklist is something enormous!

The last few days I seem to be fantastic at making these lists, then fail to do the things that are most important on them. Whyyyyyyyy dammit 👎🏻 the cycle of hate then commences:

Write a list, don’t complete it, feel unproductive, get depressive thoughts, lack the energy to attempt to do the tasks.

Wake up the next morning & start again. Joyous. 

Tonight I managed to film a song for an audition which I’ve been putting off for days now. Editing and sending it off is a job for the next few days. Even though I have “achieved something”, I still feel crap. Now I just feel as though what I did wasn’t good enough and obviously that’s because I’m lazy and not good enough, oh and don’t forget too fat. 

It’s nearly 10pm and I’m working an 8 hour shift tomorrow, so I’m just sitting in bed wishing I was somebody more talented, more attractive, and more confident. *sigh*

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