Body checking. 

Today has been a day where I was craving reassurance from others, but one of my goals is not to do that as much. That being said, I cannot count how many times I looked in the mirror today. 

Does my collar look prominent enough? 

Is the bottom of my ribcage sticking out like I like it to be?

What do my hip bones feel like? 

Just 3 of the ever burning questions on my mind. I know that I can see x bones, but I don’t trust my own eyes. It’s ludicrous. 

The photo below is about 4/5 months old now, so I should be smaller, or at least not bigger than here. It was taken on one of the best days, although I do remember feeling very fat that afternoon. 

2 thoughts on “Body checking. 

  1. In the pic here you look amazing! Your legs are perfect. I wish my body looked like that. I can see your collarbone (I like that look too) and you look so lean and thin….I think you look great. I wouldn’t even want to be thinner.

    • Thanks for commenting! The hard part is that nothing with an eating disorder feels enough does it! You always think it will be good enough at X point, but it doesn’t seem that way when it happens. Thank you for making me think my mind is getting the best of me xo

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