Life is busy and I’m in a state of waiting. Waiting to move house, waiting for my first professional contract, waiting to know about the future. 

It’s difficult not to just fill the time with fears about what’s to come; it’s easy to focus on my illness and push my worries onto my body and food. While that’s my instinct, it isn’t what’s best for me. I spend time wishing that I could recover and simultaneously lose weight. If I was actually thin I could see that as an illogical thought. but I don’t feel like I look like I restrict or even try to control my body. I’m not sure what the truth of my situation is…

How is everybody? I love reading posts about peoples recovery successes, so here’s a tiny one of mine: 

I tried peanut butter and liked it! I never try new things, so it was an achievement to find something I like that’s out of my usual comfort zone. #win

2 thoughts on “Update. 

  1. Xx waiting is tough but it’s not forever 🙂 keep hanging in there and use this as time to put yourself first X and yay for the peanut butter 🙂 it’s one of my fave foods xxx Em

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