Skin picking. 

The last few months I’ve found myself picking my skin and it’s reached a point where it’s noticeable. I’ve fortunately never experienced extreme acne, but I do get some spots. Because it’s hard to stop the picking, I’m damaging the skin over and over again until it’s leaving a mark. I now permanently have spots somewhere on my face and I’m really self conscious. 

Any thoughts on trying to stop?

2 thoughts on “Skin picking. 

  1. I have dermatillomania too, but it is manageable. Maybe there’s some info in this link you might find helpful:

    For me, it’s anxiety that leads me to pick. Is it the same for you? Maybe figure out what’s making you anxious, and work on that, rather than taking it out on your skin? Come up with a daily skin routine, kind of like self-care, so rather than damaging your skin, you’re doing something nice, whilst still touching your skin?

    Let me know if I can help at all. Take care xo

    • It’s been happening for a few months now, it’s feels like a compulsion that I have to touch my skin even though I know that picking won’t make it better! The daily routine sounds like such a good idea. I reckon is anxiety that makes me do it, just as it’s anxiety that makes me want to use my eating disorder more. I’m not often sure about what I’m feeling unsettled about though, so I might need to pay a bit more attention as it happens as to what I’m thinking at the time.
      Thanks for your advice xx

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