Kicking off 2017. 

I managed to make a poor start to the year food-wise, I was so angry at myself for my behaviour and the thoughts (even though it was days ago) are still looming. 

I’ve been triggered easily recently, and I’m totally uncertain about the size I truly am. This lack of self assurance is difficult when nobody can give me the answer I’m looking for. The age old question would anything be good enough?

Work has been stressful, although last nights show was really good. We had an abrupt change in our team; this is hopefully going to be for the better but the interim chaos has been quite overwhelming. 

I’m still pondering over my list of goals for 2017 so share below what you want to achieve/ things you want to do this year!


4 thoughts on “Kicking off 2017. 

  1. Can you take a day or half a day or even an hour out to have some ‘me’ time and just sort of breathe out all the bad, clear your head, and regain focus? I know it’s easier said than done, much much much easier said than done, but can you do something nice just for you?

    There’s a Dr Seuss quote that might be helpful here, with questioning being good enough. (The answer is a definitive YES!). “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

    I don’t set New Year’s resolutions any more. I end up putting too much pressure on myself, setting myself up for failure, and then feeling terrible about not reaching my goal and feeling like a terrible failure, leading me to revert to negative and destructive behaviours. Just keep going, don’t give up is all I’m doing this year, and see where it gets me! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

    Take care xoxo

    • Tomorrow is my day off so I’m planning on just chilling out and doing some things that I like! I try to set small goals so that I achieve things in the year. Some of mine are always experiences I want to do as well, like a place I want to visit for example. If I set one big resolution I fall into the exact cycle you describe! Xxx

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