If you are going to be mean, stop talking. 

Lately I feel like I have a sign on my head inviting insults. In the last couple of weeks I’ve had numerous comments made about my body, my hair, my make up… you name it. 

Today was the day of insulting my face apparently. I’ve never thought I had severe acne or anything, but I’m mistaken it would seem. Thanks to today’s comments, I’m going to add my skin to my list of worries. 

I just don’t get it. Why say things that are judgemental like that? Don’t comment on my body, appearance, eating habits, or anything personal unless you’ve got something kind or helpful to say. And for the record, I’ve never said a negative word to these people, but I’m going to rant below to get my brain a little calmer. 

For somebody who has commented on my skin, yours isn’t that perfect. I also don’t think your hairstyle suits you as much as when you wear it down. You don’t do your make up very well. You’re nice to chat to, but you don’t have the warmth of some other people. I don’t feel I could trust you completely. 

Rant over. 

6 thoughts on “If you are going to be mean, stop talking. 

    • It was really backhanded as well. Like they said my skin looked better and then followed it with that shit about a friend having skin like me and they have a prescribed cream. So really, they just said my skin is slightly less gross than before. Charming. The best bit is that I’ve never thought I was that spotty

  1. That’s horrible, so uncalled for. I hate that someone hurt you with their nasty words. What I have started doing, to stop hurtful things from getting to me, is pretend that I have blown a big bubble around myself, and no hurtful things can get into that bubble, no negativity, no criticisms, no judgement. They just bounce right off because we don’t need that kind of shit in our lives. I know it’s simplistic and childish or whatever, but it does work if I allow myself to believe in it enough. Maybe try it? Stay strong, rise above it, be the better person as you are xoxo

  2. That is so annoying! your anger is totally justified in my opinion and I’m glad you were able to get it out here. Those people sound like utter idiots – I’m sorry you have to spend time with and work with such dickheads – grrrr. They do NOT get to decide how you value yourself though – they sound like they are wrapped up in superficial nonsense. Please remember that you are a wonderful person, strong, generous, courageous and insightful – you are more evolved than they are and can see their shit for what it is – just shit-talk xxx be kind to yourself and know that I am sitting here giving them the finger for you 🙂 xx Em

    • What frustrates me most about this person in particular is how fun and kind she can be sometimes, and yet I now feel like I’m aware she could be judging me at the same time. I’d never think to comment anything negative towards anyone. What’s the point? Thank you for your thoughts & for being so kind about me. The feeling is mutual xxx

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