The waiting game. 

Hey everyone! If you’re reading this, I hope today was a good day 🙂

For me, unfortunately, it’s been a toughie. Depression just hit me out of nowhere and I’ve struggled to drag myself through the day, even though it was my day off. Sometimes no matter what you do it is difficult. I did do things I liked today (as well as a lot of sleeping because I’m so exhausted), but it wasn’t as enjoyable as usual. 

I’m in a state of waiting right now, as I’m going to hear if I got a new contract in about 10 days. It’s a job I REALLY want, but of course there are many others who want it too. I hate how my mind wanders and imagines how it will be if I get it. I try not to get excited because I don’t want be disappointed. If I get this contract I will be going to see my family before moving somewhere new, I will get to leave a boss I hate, I can learn new shows with new people, and my hard work getting together showreels will have paid off. 

I’m in a place mentally where I think a short time with my Mum and my pets would be beneficial for me, but most of all, the job opportunity is so fantastic. I’m not good at being patient, and trying to avoid thinking about it often leads to ruminating on it more (fun times)

Hope the week ahead looks good for you all xoxo

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