Final week wishes. 

Tomorrow marks the last of my full weeks in Tenerife. Before it begins, I’m going to use my post today to list what I want out of this time. 

  1. To get more things filmed. 
  2. To book tickets for a trip I want to go on before I leave the island. 
  3. To have positive intentions with my eating. 
  4. To enjoy the good bits while they’re here! 
  5. TO TURN 23 🎉
  6. To exercise in the afternoon break, with music to chill out to. 
  7. To make more plans for my time at home. 

2 thoughts on “Final week wishes. 

  1. xx wow the time has flown ! I can’t believe you’re leaving already. Congratulations on getting through all the challenges you faced while working there 🙂 you were so strong dealing with the unfamiliar situation, the pain-in-the-ass colleagues that you mentioned, and just being away from home xxx I send warm hugs to you 🙂 I hope you get to enjoy the rest of your stay and that you get to take that trip! keep working on being kind to yourself xxx nurture yourself and your dreams xxx Em

    • Thanks! Nearly 4
      Months I’ve done! It has gone fast but also feels like ages since I was in the UK. Weird how these things feel. Fingers crossed for a new adventure soon 🙂 xx

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