Do nice things. 

Something that comes along with my mental illness is the feeling I’m not deserving (to recover, to rest, to look after myself…) For me, taking a hot bath, doing face masks, and painting my nails are all things I find relaxing, but I often feel I need to earn them. If a friend or relative told me they didn’t feel they deserved to/ hadn’t earned the right to unwind in a soapy bath I’d tell them that was absolute nonsense! So….What’s the difference? 

The difference is I like them; whereas I don’t always like me. 

I’m STILL waiting to hear about a job. It should be confirmed in the next few days, and I’ve received paperwork which makes it all seem very positive. Naturally I’m nervous about it. The thought of not getting it has made me realise just how much I would love to be dancing and singing abroad in the next few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, being with my mum/sleeping in/ cuddling my pets/ having time to catch up with friends are all great, but only for a holiday! I’m afraid I won’t get this job and end up stuck with no miney and no idea what to do next. All I can do is wait…

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