Waiting for a routine.

I hope everybody is a having a good week. I’m so tired, as I arrived on April 22nd and my first day off isn’t until Sunday 😫 We’ve now done 2 shows, and we have rehearsals scattered around the normal schedule to finish learning everything. As this is the case, it’s a few weeks before the standard routine will begin. Then, I will be in the swing of doing 4-5 shows a week, and doing various duties in the day. I’m anxious about how I will find it all. Right now it’s still new and all a bit flexible, and I hope I’m going to like my new routine. 

I know I’m craving certainty, as I want to set my whole life into a timetable and just not have to think! I want to plan my gym time, plan the days I wash my hair, the times I wake up, the plans for my day off etc. I feel impatient for the sensation of normality in my routine. I want to know how it’s going feel to be in it. 

2 thoughts on “Waiting for a routine.

  1. I hear ya girl, I way prefer when things are settled into a routine. I’m finding it a bit difficult with my new job at the moment because things are shifting around constantly and there just isn’t a way for me to program the days that I do work. I try and have things that are routine for me in my daily life and that does help a little… Tomorrow is your day off though !! You made it!! xx congratulate and celebrate yourself xx 🙂 Em

    • It’s hard to feel secure when things are like that. I like the idea of having my own things that are routine, I had thought about that this morning actually! I certainly will enjoy tomorrow! Xxx

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