What a week. 

Still getting over the flu, still waiting for an awful colleague to move out of the apartment, and still worried about the arrival of a new person on Tuesday. 

I’m so bored of coughing and constantly requiring tissues! I feel like I’ve hardly done anything except work and sleep for these last 3 weeks, and of course, lack of going to the gym makes me anxious. I can’t cope with being the biggest of the 3 girls. 

My Dad is visiting me, and we are off to the beach later to enjoy the weather. Might well need another nap while I’m there! My moods are extremely up and down. I’ve felt both really happy and equally sad in the few hours I’ve been awake today. I want to be positive and feel like I’m improving myself each day, but I also have the urge to be “good enough” at anorexia. How do you let go if you feel like you have to finish what you started?

2 thoughts on “What a week. 

  1. X sorry to hear you’ve been sick and moods are up and down. Being under the weather always has a negative effect on my mood too – I hope you get to enjoy the day with your dad and get that second nap in 😉 a nap is good medicine sometimes! Re your last question about how to finish with anorexia – it’s like breaking up with an abusive ex – there’s no easy way to do it and it is never going to let go of you so you have to keep kicking it to the curb, ignoring its calls and emails and focus on you being you and loving yourself xx sometimes also I find if I’m having extra overloads of ana-thoughts it’s a sign that something is stressing me out and that there’s something I need to talk about – not necessarily a major thing but even just to talk thru the little things can help sometimes? And it does sound like you’ve had a lot of stresses lately xxx thinking of you and sending good vibes xxx Em

    • Thanks! So far has been good with my Dad. Deffo gonna get that nap in I think 😂 my ed thoughts are often a sign I’m stressed, but not always easy for me to figure out why! Maybe that’s what I need to try and work out. Thanks for the positive message, I hope you are doing well xxxx

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