Day 6.

Happy weekend! I had the day off today, so I spent some time enjoying the sun and doing things as and when I felt like it. Tomorrow at work is a less intense day, which feels like a good way to break myself in to the week! 

My biggest concern right now is calorie intake. Let’s elaborate: there’s an amount that I ate several years ago, and while doing so I maintained a low weight. I don’t want to trigger anybody with numbers, but I will say that this figure is actually not that low. There are people on diets who eat less! However, as I’m not eating quite that amount at present, I’m afraid that I’d get bigger if I did, even though in theory any amount of restriction should amount to weight loss. While my therapist is away, i want to work hard on the perfectionism stuff we are doing, but I also want to be “thin enough” when she comes back too. It feels like I could warrant fully engaging in dietary changes then. I am already trying to stick to the structure of eating regularly, though equally trying to hold on to controlling the amount. 

Time for #5adayprogress!

1. Bothering to post even though it’s hard for me to see a day off as a time when I would succeed or achieve with anything!

2. Buying a facial wash and taking 5 minutes to do it

3. Trying to drink lots of water in this heat 

4. Doing 10 minutes on the cross trainer 

5. Having a shower 

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