Day 13

*well aware I missed day 12, but hush hush*

Day 12 happened to involve a celebration on the beach, so instead of posting, I joined the tradition of swimming in the sea after midnight! Then, myself and my 2 flat mates decided to dip in the pool of our apartment block, because why not at 1am? 😂

Today’s #5adayprogress is gonna be a mish mash of the two days.

1. Going to the San Juan event and enjoying being with the girls and experiencing something we don’t have at home 

2. The gym being almost empty + having time to do whatever I wanted in there 

3. My friends (always message more with several of them on my day off ❤️)

4. Getting a few more emails done today

5. Doing quite a few things off my list 

In less positive news, I feel like tomorrow my only really aim is for my food to be deemed good in my mind. I don’t have anything else, but it would make me feel comforted if tomorrow I did that. I need the satisfaction of it. 

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