Day 15. 

I’m super tired today, despite having 2 naps 🙈. I felt a bit uncomfortable around an unfamiliar face in the gym today. A woman came in who looks perfect to be. She was tiny, but toned, and I’d estimate her to be a similar age to me. Although the gym often feels like a bit of an escape from the outside world for a bit, moments like this remind me that my ED and obsessions are always there. Even when training in the gym alone, I can judge myself harshly and quickly. Being a perfectionist isn’t all it’s wrapped up to be. 


1. Of my list I achieved the following: got a key ring, sat in the sun, tried (and failed) to fix my top, spoke to a friend, and went to the gym. 
2. Ate an apple 

3. Finally sent my mum a video of my room (better late than never, right?!)

4. Tidied up 

5. Took a relaxing shower and used my favourite moisturiser 

Tomorrow I want to:

  • Get up earlier to go down for breakfast in less of a hurry before rehearsal
  • Watch some tv and read a book in my break 
  • Warm up with my own music before the show 

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