Day 17.

First of all, today I was given the most adorable variety of gifts from children. (Where I am there are lots of holiday apartments, so it’s primarily families). The first gift is a bracelet, which is identical to her own “because we are best friends and I know purple is your favourite.” *dying of cuteness overload* I was then given three drawings by another little girl. All of them were for me because she said she loves me. Again, the cuteness 😍

Now time for #5adayprogress :

1. Sorting out my email inbox

2. Going to the gym 

3. Feeling good about two of my dances in the show tonight 

4. Sent pictures to my mum of costumes tonight (I get nervous about photos where my size could be judged)

5. Getting up earlier to try and warm up my injured leg more before rehearsing 

Tomorrow I want to:

  • Stick to my food plan
  • Draft an email and get mum to look through it for me

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