Day 18.

Guy at the gym: are you tired?                     Me: why?                                                 Guy: you can tell. You look it.         

Cool. Good to know the bags under my eyes are prominent to the world 😂

Anywayyyy, let’s see what I achieved today! #5adayprogress

1. Felt I did the Pirates number in the show today quite well

2. Planned out what I need to spend my pay on, and what I can save 

3. Started writing ideas for the email I need to draft 

4. Showered 

5. Stood up for myself when one of my colleagues snapped at me over a mistake with an entrance on to stage. Normally I don’t make “silly” mistakes so I pointed out he has probably made mistakes and so he shouldn’t be snapping 

Tomorrow I want to:

  • Write the first few lines of the email
  • Make a plan for my day off

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