Days 22&23: need sleep.

Yesterday finished with a crappy meeting that made me anxious. The details aren’t really important, but it meant I couldn’t think straight to write, and that I was home super late. 

Today was generally a better day (and not just because my fave protein bars arrived in the post 😂). I am in a state of worry lately, which is making sleep a challenge. Of course, sleeping in the day feels like the only thing I want to do, but come night time it’s like some kind playlist of worries! I have tried EVERYTHING to help me sleep, as I’ve had pretty bad sleep problems in the past. I suppose I just have to wait it out this time. 😴

Anyhoo, #5adayprogress

1. Getting a bonus at work (we all did, but based on scores which we had to achieve as team to get it)

2. Showering 

3. Getting out for a bit earlier

4. Responding to messages I’ve had sat in my whatsapp inbox for ages 

5. Getting my clothes ready for tomorrow 

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