Day 24: “this show goes badly.”

Happy Wednesday! For me Wednesday is a busy day. Quite a few activities in the day, and a show with lots of costume changes and new parts in the evening. During a costume change, the other dancer was saying that she thinks this show is bad/ always goes badly. I HATE when people make comments like this. Surely a show is a good as you choose to do it! Now, for a brief moment I’m going to be a bit judgemental…

I go to the gym before the shows. It’s important for me to be really warm so I can do my best, and use freestyle sections to do flexibility tricks and kicks. Whenever I haven’t been to the gym, I go early to warm up. I’m always the first to arrive, and the one who knows the choreography. For me personally, this show is my weakest one, but that being said, I always want to get it right and perform well. While I can easily tell you 20 things I could have done better tonight, I do feel that this girl is judging the show instead of thinking how do I make this better? She has done acting work previously and considers her acting as her main thing, yet I can’t understand why she wouldn’t take time alone to go through things or work to do her best for herself. Maybe it’s a personality thing. Rant over. 


1. Went to the gym despite not being in a great mood beforehand

2. Did my laundry (and also forget to collect it from the laundry room for 3 hours, but shhhhh)

3. Washed my hair

4. Ate my food spread through the day 

5. Drank more water

Tomorrow I want to: 

  • Respond to the email I got today 
  • Practice a new dance ready for Friday 

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