Day 25,26&27: anxiety, good shows and free time. 

I know it’s unneccessary, but I do feel a bit bad for not posting daily since Wednesday. I was tired and busy, but I believe that I didn’t prioritise things well enough. Realistically it wouldn’t have taken long to post, but my mind wasn’t in a place of “let’s do something potentially beneficial”. I was more on course for self distruct and priotising not so great things. 

Today was my day off. WOOOO! I’m going to do my #5adayprogress as a list of 5 successes from any of the 3 days this post covers. 

1. Editing the video I had to do

2. Maximising my gym session today by dancing in the empty studio as well! 

3. Doing both productive and relaxing things today, and feeling like I’ve spent my time well 

4. Not picking at small errors on Friday and just enjoying the feeling of Fridays show being a good one

5. Getting back to these posts 

I do wish that my ED thoughts weren’t so confusing. It’s getting a bit overwhelming right now. 

4 thoughts on “Day 25,26&27: anxiety, good shows and free time. 

  1. Sorry the ED thoughts are loud – but it’s worth it to keep challenging them – and important to celebrate the successes as you go. I bet your show on Friday was awesome!

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