Day 30. *that’s a lot of days, FYI…

Today is a whole month since I started posting daily. I’m as shocked as you are that I’ve done it (minus the odd combined post!) I think that posting small successes has helped me to feel more productive in general, and I’ve noticed that a lot of my posts say something like today has been full of…..Maybe that’s because I’m actually taking note of the little things that I’d usually ignore! As I’m feeling a bit lost and wobbly right now, I’m going to carry on, but I’m thinking that this might become a weekly post, rather than a daily one when I’m in a better place. 

Something I’m terrible at is letting things go. A comment (albeit a totally unnecessary one) from a colleague really irritated me. No, he shouldn’t be so annoying and comment on things that go wrong ONCE (rather than giving me the benefit of the doubt and mentioning something if it is a consistent issue…. just saying), but that’s who he is. Two hours after the comment, it’s still on my mind. He went home with his wife, laughing and smiling, and absolutely not giving a monkeys about it now. Why is it that other people let things go so easily? because any mistake or mishap isn’t a personal failure to them. 

NEWSFLASH BRAIN! Not everybody cares so much about every. little. thing. 

Now I’ve organised my brain (well, you know, as much as a crazy person can), let’s get onto my day:

  • Woke up. Felt ok, went to rehearsal. All fine apart from being a bit tired 
  • Spent 2 hours with some children, got given a picture as a present, left for lunch 5 minutes early (WINNER)
  • Enjoyed a little nap, then back to work where I had to supervise a water activity in the pool for 30 minutes
  • Sorted out my costumes, went to the gym, showtime 💃🏻

All that went “wrong” today was missing a cue (by literally 3 seconds) because of my mask, and having yet another conversation about a lift in one of the dances. I’m doing it the way I know; he does it differently and we need to try it his way so he shuts the hell up about it. I’m happy to practice. In fact, I would do it now quite frankly. Tomorrow I will suggest we do it in the morning rehearsal because I’m fed up of doing it, finishing the number, and returning backstage to the tune of “we have to practice that” every time. 


1. Went to the gym because I knew it was better than sitting about worrying 

2. Watched a programme I downloaded the other day to relax in my break

3. Washed my dishes (our tap sucks. washing dishes takes effort in this house)

4. Sorted out how I can fix a top I broke (oops)

5. Shared my blog with a friend. Hey Bean!


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