Day 32. 

It’s only 6pm, but I feel like doing this now. Today I’m fighting off feelings of being inadequate the other girl is doing the duets in the new show. I am still in the show, but I feel a bit jealous and not good enough. *side note- she has done the entire show before a couple of years ago so it saves learning time for her to do it*

That being said, I’m also thinking ahead to the future. There are lots of companies and certain things I’d like to do as a performer, and I’m preparing songs for an audition for one of them. I’ve got 2 weeks to get ready,and I’m attempting to do beneficial practice in the times I have the flat to myself. 

I find the support on here really great, and part of me wants to share a bit more about myself…. so….. if you have Instagram feel free to follow me! (@rosyroo_) 💜 the ED bit of me is concerned this will invite negative judgement from people, but maybe that’s just me being afraid that I can’t control what people will think.

I got a few things done today, so my successes were: 

1. Ordering contact lenses

2. Getting out the house for a bit in my break

3. Planning my gym session for tomorrow 


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