Pick up where you left off.

Although this post is actually about friendship (hey chums who clicked the link I sent you. Special message down below for ya), I'm first going to apply the title to the posts I missed for #5adayprogress 🙈 Today I made a few small achievements:

1. FINALLY updating my IOS on my phone (don't judge me.)
2. Making the most of a day to see friends
3. Organising my photo albums and backing up my pictures and videos
4. Making my train this afternoon (this was quite the unexpected success 😂)
5. Treating myself to a bath

Now that's done, I wanted to write about friendships. As somebody who struggles with self belief, as well as mental health disorders, having a bunch of kind, patient, and reliable friends is a source of great comfort and joy in my life. Those people who have faith in me when I lack it, who always have an ear for me, and with whom I've shared some of my very best moments are hugely important.
My closest friends are people that I know love me. Whether our communication is weekly, daily, or a few times a month, we'd be there for one another in any circumstance. I have complete trust that these friendships are strong, and face to face meetings feel like we are picking up as if we saw each other the day before. Unfortunately, this growing up thing inevitably means that friends change. People change, lifestyles change, and priorities change. There are a small number of friends who I still love and care for, but we don't have the connection we once did. That's ok. I've spent some time feeling confused and bad, as if I ought to have done more to cling on to how we were, but that doesn't make sense because neither of us are who we were. Nobody is!
All one can do is accumulate new friends in new parts of life, and relish the special ones with whom it will always be easy to pick up right where we left off ❤️

For the friends:
If you made it through my ramblings, there's another true testament to your love for me 😂 I'm fortunate that all of my friends of clever, pretty, funny and generous, and I hope I do an ok job of reciprocating all those qualities I love so much about you. I hope that none of you will disappear from my life- you all know too much for me to let you go! Xoxo

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