I take medication, so what?

One of my flat mates saw me swallowing my tablets the other day and asked what I was taking. I just said I took them for anxiety, which to be fair is partly true.
What's strange to me is that I get on well with this person, yet didn't disclose the honest truth. I didn't say one is an antidepressant, or that much of my anxiety is around food. I guess deep down I was worried she'd say something upsetting or not believe me.
We chatted a bit about mental health stuff and I said how I've had panic attacks and what that's like etc, but I didn't think I'd ever be so tentative about what I said.
Obviously there are some people who I would never tell, and that's fine, but she is a totally nice person! The Spanish culture is less open about mental illness in general and people tend not to post as much on social media about it. Of course there are exceptions, but back in the UK the conversation about mental health has become much more honest and open in the last few years.
Medication really can save lives, then the reality of people's uninformed opinions and stigma continues 😴

Over and out xoxox

4 thoughts on “I take medication, so what?

  1. Good for you! I’m pretty open these days but if I want to be more reserved, I say I have depression and not bipolar. Depression seems acceptable in all walks of life. Even anxiety is more accepted. I rarely tell people I have bipolar unless I have time to have a conversation with them since most people have completely inaccurate info about it. Guess what I don’t tell people? That I’m anorexic. Despite media, etc, it’s just not acceptable at least not at my age. Isn’t that stupid? Like when you turn a certain age you suddenly “know better” and are free of it? Sigh

    I think people like you, willing to chat about it but also show it’s no big deal to take meds, is what is changing people’s perception. πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • I know a few people who have Bipolar, and I’ve understood it so much more over the time I’ve known them.
      I also feel like anorexia is sometimes thought of as a teenage problem. I feel like I’m not a good enough adult for still struggling

  2. Good on you for finding a way to deal with this which allowed you to communicate and also take care of yourself x some people are just plain deluded and think they know what is best for other people, unfortunately when we are already struggling to recognise and validate our own unique needs for health it can be too easy to be shamed into silence and not asking for help. Everyone’s balance is unique to themselves at that time in their life – I know that the negative talk about ‘bad pharma’ and anti-depressants stopped me from taking them for too long and they totally help me x thanks for speaking out ! and its interesting to hear about the culture around mental health in Spain as opposed to mental health in the uk – I’m so glad that the stigma is reducing somewhat over here – we’re all part of this progression! self-acceptance and self-care contributes to change xx keep taking care of you xx Em

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