A little bit of positivity

Recent good things:

  • Potential performing job for the winter. Feeling excited that there's a possibility
  • An extremely beautiful surprise from one of my best friends
  • The lift in my duet going well today
  • Making a lovely connection with a child today
  • An hour chatting with a friend of the phone yesterday

3 thoughts on “A little bit of positivity

  1. I love this! I’m sending the picture to a friend who has a pet hedgehog too. She’ll really love it! I’m beginning to realize that one of my close friends is a toxic person in my life and not sure what to do about it. Upon reflection I can see how it contributed to my most recent relapse. I hadn’t quite been able to put a label on it so am glad I saw this. I’ll add it to my ever growing list of things to talk about in therapy.

    • I think we are always learning about ourselves. Toxic people can be huge triggers. I know I’ve experienced people in my life who always seemed to have a negative impact on me, but it took time for me to notice! The hedgehog is pretty cute isn’t he 🙂

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