Mental illness and catching those zzz’s

Ah sleep, remember that? I generally find I'm sleeping all the hours possible, or struggling to drop off night after night. A lot of mental health problems can affect but, but combine more than one and it can feel like you're destined to feel sleep deprived whatever.

Depression when I'm down, I will fantasise about getting to go to bed all day long, then be awake for hours on end unable to sleep. That's because my old pal anxiety rocks up to remind me of every worry under the sun.
Having an eating disorder not only adds to my anxiety, but can also mean I'm awake out of hunger which I can't mentally merit settling by eating. Instead, I lie there trying not to think about it.
I don't like the silence of bedtime, so I always play podcasts in the background. I've found Sleep With Me can be quite good (it's free and is basically rambled, non-sensical stories designed to be engaging enough to distract, while dull enough that you can sleep). Im also a fan of guided meditations, although I will say I find it very easy to stay awake through the whole thing (but at least feel slightly less tense by the end!)
Any top tips?!


2 thoughts on “Mental illness and catching those zzz’s

  1. I’ve become an expert in sleep hygiene out of necessity. Here is a pretty good article on what that is:

    Like you though, I have white noise at night. I have tinnitus so have to.

    I take 20mg of melatonin before bed. My former nutritionist said that is the max. Even 10mg didn’t work but 20mg solved my “not getting to sleep” part. I wake up early though when depressed or in pain. My only suggestion for that is, well….. strong coffee and a to do list, lol. My new meds (mood stabilizers) have helped significantly but not always. I get a lot done, more than most before they ever wake up. Because of eating, my sleep has gotten a wee bit better, just enough to keep me from feeling like I’ve been hit by a ton of bricks.

    • Thank you for the link! Really appreciate it. It’s so frustrating when you get stuck in a bad patch isn’t it?! I’ve got a medication review soon so I’m going to mention it and see if my meds could be affecting it

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