Countdowns πŸ“…

As a child, my countdown to Christmas was much longer than the advent period. Christmas, along with the visits of 2 of my favourite family members were events that I would countdown to with diligence. Having exciting things on the horizon can have three effects:

1. Makes me feel positive and excited

2. Makes the time until the event go slowly

3. Makes me wish away time and not enjoy the present

Right now, I’m one week from the end of my 6 month contract. Naturally, my mind is already sending the “let’s wind down” signals, and I’m fantasising about my own bed. As I’m surprising my mum by coming home earlier than expected, I can’t wait to see her face and finally be able to stop telling her lies to keep the secret πŸ˜‚

I don’t want my counting down to mean I wish away the time, rather than making the most of the good bits. I also know that going home means I’m back in a period of uncertainty, as I will be waiting for my next job.

My plan is to go exploring in the capital on my next day off, maybe get some more bits of the show filmed, and do my best to limit my focus on the number of days to the evening. That way, I can do my day as normal, and then think about how few sleeps are left until I leave when the day is done.

Ps. I still love Christmas. It isn’t that far away you know πŸ˜‰

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