Liebster award.

Thank you to A Spoonful of Evie for nominating me. It’s always really heartwarming to think that what I post about has an impact on others, especially when mental health struggles can feel lonely at times.

Here are my answers to her questions:

1. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy? Aside from giving money to the close people in my life, I think the first thing I would buy for myself would be my own home and a pet. Family pets are a huge love in my life and it’s a future vision of mine to enjoy my own animals in my own space.

2. Do you have a favourite book? Although there are plenty of books I love, Eat Pray Love really is one of my top ones 💜

3. Why did you start a blog and what have you learned since then? I began my blog 6 years ago. At that time, I was having daily panic attacks that my parents didn’t know about, and at some point in that first year I lost a very special person in my life.

I really started it because I wanted to say how I felt with no filter, and no risk of real life friends and family finding out. Since then, I’ve learned that there’s a community of support that I knew nothing about! Catching up on my favourite bloggers and offering words of care and advice helps me focus more positively sometimes.

4. If you could only invite one dinner guest, who would it be? Tricky… probably one of two close friends. Let’s call them Anna and Chloe (for privacy sake!), because these are people who I can eat in front of without worry.

5. Name 5 things you want to achieve or experience in the next 5 years. <<<
form in one of my favourite shows, have a long term relationship, have my own pet, have a musical theatre agent, see Italy

6. Do you believe in fate? <<<
believe everything happens for a reason, but I believe most things are results of consequences of other things rather than total luck/fate.

7. If your life was written as a book, what would the blurb look life? <<<
efully a colourful book cover with cute drawings around the blurb.

8. Name something you like about yourself and something you’re good at<<<
ke my hair, and I'm good at supporting my friends

9. Go to dessert? I used to love the pizza express dough balls with Nutella (don’t know if this still exists. It was a very long time


10. What would you put in your own first aid/self care kit?<<<
ouring book and my favourite pens, my iPad, my stuffed rabbit, nail varnish, face masks

11. Name someone who inspires you and why. <<<
d question, because I'm inspired by a lot of people. Currently, I'm very inspired by YouTuber/actress/author Lilly Singh, because she has built success and happiness for herself through hard work and patience, while staying humble and kind. She inspires me to have dreams and make plans to achieve them.

So, I'm nominating……

-Lexy Dragonfly

-Every Mile Matters

-Live Love Run Again

And some questions for you:

1. What's the best place you've seen in the world and why?

2. What's your happiest childhood memory?

3. Describe yourself in 3 words.

4. Describe your ideal self care day.

5. Where did the name for your blog come from?

3 thoughts on “Liebster award.

  1. Oops, hit reply too soon. My favorite book, not counting the massive amount of favorite scifi books, is Madness by Marya Hornbacher. It’s a book about her journey through bipolar. Although she doesn’t talk about her eating disorder, it explains a lot about it. I thought much of my behavior was “me” but after reading her book I realized that it was, in fact, due to bipolar which really gave me validation for the first time.

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