Being different.

One thing I have never been is a party girl. I don’t drink, and I’ve only been on a nights out a handful of times. Truth be told, I don’t get the appeal.

I know most people in their early twenties love to go out drinking with their friends, but it simply isn’t for me. From ages 17-20 I often felt bad or like something was wrong with me, and a lot of that came from things people said. With saying no to a night out came judgement. Why is that? If you don’t like a leisure activity that I do, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.

Some of my friends like to go out, some don’t, not all of us drink, but none us mind who does what. Within my friendship group I feel confident in being myself, but with people who are newer to my life, I feel embarrassed when I say I don’t drink/ don’t want to go out. Just this evening I was being coaxed to go to a leaving drinks. This person is nice, but I’ve literally spoken to them for a total of 10 minutes I’d guess over the last 6 months!

Im not sure if these people are judging me, as I’ve only known them all a few months, so they don’t really know me.

At the end of the day, I know I shouldn’t care what they think, but part me wonders. I quite like being different in general, but I don’t like negative judgement from others (who does?)

Do you drink alcohol or not? Anybody else not a party goer?

5 thoughts on “Being different.

  1. I know what you mean. I don’t go to parties either. I didn’t drink while on meds. Now I do but the amounts are tiny or my body can’t cope! Negative judgement is really hard to deal with, I was thinking about that too yesterday. Everyone judges everything. How you dress, whether you’re good at things, how tall you are….

  2. Nope, no alcohol and no parties. They are too stressful. The last party was New Years which was okay because it was mostly seniors. I only stayed about a ½ hour. They did New Years count down and celebration early, like 9pm, since everyone had to go to bed, lol. I sat with one of the ladies I play cards with. She is 80 something. I was greatly amused as she kept adding vodka from her water bottle to her soda. I mean, who wouldn’t find that entertaining? 😀

    • She sounds hilarious! Even when I’m not anxious, I’m just not a party person. I don’t enjoy that kind of socialising. I much prefer grabbing a coffee or going to do an activity with my friends, a time when we can actually talk and enjoy each others company xx

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