12 step programs.

It’s been unusually long since I last wrote a post. My brain has been full to the brim, while I’ve had to make some decisions over my immediate future.

Right now, I’m not auditioning for my next job. I’m not in a healthy place (not that I was previously, to be honest), and the cumulative effect of my ED on my physical and mental well-being has left me unable to do myself justice.

A professional told me to look into group meetings- ABA and EDA namely. If you’re unaware, these are essentially the Eating Disorder versión of Alcoholics Anonymous. So far I’ve done two meetings, and the people seem really kind and motivated.

If you have opinions or experience of recovery incorporating a 12 step program, PLEASE SHARE!!


7 thoughts on “12 step programs.

  1. I have wanted to do one but I can’t find any even remotely close! :[ When I was first diagnosed, I was sent to AA because the thought was it was structure and something to help monitor me between my original sessions. I didn’t take it seriously at the time because I was young and heavily into partying because I was of that age. And in denial lol. But now I’d love for just support and anyone who understand my struggles. Let me know!!

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