My purpose.

I’m currently reading the Eating Disorders Anonymous (EDA) big book and workbook. I’ve done my step 1 work, and have started on step 2, in which I need to find a purpose or power bigger than myself to keep my focus and give me strength. For some this might be God, but I’m not religious. There are several suggestions and explanations, though nothing has struck me as the one just yet!

Fate and the idea of the universe rewarding hard work are some ideas I’ve thought of. My purpose needs to be more than to be a performer (I think), as it needs to be something to remind me that I’m a tiny part of the world when I’m sucked into spiralling thoughts, and to motivate me to be my best.

It’s not recommended to use being a good daughter/Mum/girlfriend etc, so I need to do some thinking about myself. What makes me feel truly connected to the world? What can be stronger than my fears day in, day out?

🤔 *any experience with this is welcome!*

2 thoughts on “My purpose.

  1. I’m in another 12-step program, and I originally just came up with a list of characteristics/values that I believe to be “righteous” or admirable, things I would want my higher power to have. From there I wrote personifications of each of those qualities. Like a woman who wears mismatched socks and teaches yoga on the weekends for peaceful, a man who train-hops for freedom, a woman who makes chicken noodle soup when someone’s sick as loving, etc. Those personifications became my images for higher powers so I have a visual to go with the concept of universal goodness. Hope that might’ve helped!

    • Thank you. I love the idea of personifying the characteristics. I sat down today and wrote out qualities I’d want it to have, and also read in the EDA big book the idea of using your own inner wisdom as part of your higher power…the part of you that can see the bigger picture. Really helpful comment: much appreciated.i wish you strength for your recovery

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