Blogging isn’t perfect.

My goodness I’m not usually this sporadic at posting, but lately I keep questioning my drafts and pushing them to one side.

The truth is: there’s no perfect length, perfect title, or perfect expression in a blog. It just is whatever it is- a few words, an essay, pictures, poetry…. it’s all allowed.

I started my blog to be a free space, where venting about anything and everything could happen, and where it didn’t matter how it came out. I think I’ve forgotten that along the way, and so writing seems more pressured than relaxing. Let’s go back to the old days shall we?

I love connecting with other bloggers and getting to know what everyone is up to. I’ve still been reading all your stuff! Sending love and positive thoughts for the week to each and every person reading xox

So there was my medium length, boring, uninspired post in all its glory. THE END.

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