Eating Disorder Awareness Week

So it’s ED awareness week which has given me the opportunity to just write about a topic that has altered my life in so many ways. 

The world is full of stigma, stereotypes and misunderstanding. A large proportion of people believe that an eating disorder is just a problem with food; something really skinny people do. Those people are utterly wrong. 

What’s important to share is that every person with an eating disorder can look different. Some disorders cause weight gain, others cause loss, and some cause constant fluctuations. Wherever your disorder takes you weight wise, there WILL be physical risks and consequences. 

An eating disorder is a problem with dealing with life shit.. Well, doctors don’t put it quite that way… Anyway, my point is that eating disorders cannot be stopped overnight because life feels uncontrollable without the dominating thoughts and behaviours to keep you feeling at ease (even if the relief is only brief)

Eating disorders have the potential to kill. Recovery is a process full of ambivalence, and although I haven’t come out the other side yet, it certainly is possible. 

You never know what those around you are going through, so be kind. 

Be aware.