U is for UnderstandingĀ 

One of the most difficult aspects of mental illness is feeling misunderstood. Everybody has a set of feelings and symptoms unique to them, making it all too easy to feel alone with your struggles. 

Personally, I hate articulating my thoughts or emotions aloud because I suck at it. I can write or type them okay, but ask me to open my mouth to another human being and you’re in trouble! The difficulty I have with speaking about things is one I imagine other people experience as well (and if you’re reading, hey there!), yet there’s another much larger problem: so many people have no clue about mental health problems anyway (a few do, this is a general point I’m making…)

How do we make people understand something they can’t see?! For me linking them to a Kati Morton video appropriate to the topic is a good one, as well as writing a letter or comparing it to something physical they have experienced themselves. To be honest though, there are some people who just won’t get it. Something I’m learning slowly is the acceptance of other people’s lack of understanding. It sucks. It’s unfair, but so is everything else in life! 

Today I am grateful that I’m doing something I love at college everyday. If you’ve had a rough day, what are you grateful for?

“they all do”

Today I was having a casual conversation with a few people (all of whom are training as dancers in the same place as me), and somebody mentioned that a couple of the staff apparently take drugs. Most of us kind of responded neutrally, feeling that it is normal to find the odd few out of a large number of people who have or do take drugs. One person simply said “yeah, well all dancers take drugs.”

While I have no doubt that drug taking dancers DO exist, there are also many (if not more) that DON’T. I would argue that a long standing career is more likely to be based on making healthy choices than unhealthy ones?

(By the way, the person who made the sweeping statement doesn’t take drugs.)

I guess it just shows that life is full of stereotypes. Annoying.