T is for To Do

I am a list-lover. I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing everything on the page and then crossing it off. The problem is that the list never seems to end..

One list gets bigger, eventually I have to write it out again in order to add new things where the crossed off tasks used to be. Some of my to do lists become a bit too ambitious, and so I’ve been finding ways to make my to do lists more effective! 

1. 7 a day rule

No, I do not mean fruit and veg in case you wondered.. I heard that 7 was the maximum number of tasks one can expect to achieve in a day, and for me this is pretty accurate. 

2. Make long term goals (eg. Recovery, or buying a house) on a separate list

I’ve found that if my daily or weekly to do lists are separate it eliminates those chunk of impossible to achieve overnight type things. I always used to find the same specific to dos left on my lists…

3. Small over big

Ever started something and stopped halfway through? Yep? Me too! My solution is to put things like “answer first two essay questions” on my to do list. Instead of expecting to write the whole essay, I set myself up to complete what I’ve set out to do. 

4. Do you have any?