My GP made a comment that I can’t get out of my mind, so it felt right to write about and get my thoughts out. 

“Are you sure you should be going to work abroad? People with complex mental health needs often find a stable environment better for them”

On the one hand I understand that familiar things can be comforting, and that change can provoke anxiety in the best of us. However, a comment like this gave me 2 very contradictory feelings: validation and irritation. 

Her concern justified my illness. This negative attention felt good, even if that isn’t an ideal way of seeing it. But, I did feel annoyed that she expressed this when she hadn’t known me very long. My feeling is that I could be well or ill in any setting. Surely the biggest determining factor is my attitude towards recovery. I mentioned my concerns to my therapist, and while she agreed that performers are put under the pressures of lots of change & importance placed on appearance, she believes healing is always possible. 

What do you think? 

Having put things in my life on hold in favour of my mental health- such as romantic relationships, missing days or certain activities during education etc, I think that doing something you want to do can add something positive to your life and a reason to focus on getting well. It’s certainly challenging for me to work full time and handle my problems, but my problems will be a challenge wherever I am & whatever I’m doing!

If you celebrate, happy Easter; if not, happy bank holiday weekend!


Sensitive people get tired. 

Today has got me thinking about how little the world values sensitivity. Most men think that emotions make them weak, and women are often seen as having less strength if they openly cry or express disappointment or hurt when things go wrong. “Putting on a brave face” is seemingly what the world wants, and that is why people suffer is silence so much. 

Sure, not everyone is a sensitive person (and FYI, sensitivity is a quality that I think helps me be both a good friend and a thoughtful, more generous person) but everyone has feelings, so why is it so hard for others to be a bit more considerate?

In a world that can be judgemental of sensitivity, us people who feel deeply and think carefully get worn down, frustrated and everntually get hurt. 

Showing a little extra love and thought never hurt anybody ❤️