Day 4.

Hey everyone! Today was a busy day. I was challenged by having to watch videos from rehearsals this morning, which makes my body comparison game all the more confusing. After rehearsal I had my usual day, but it was 30 degrees which made it seem harder 😂. I had a show tonight, which I preceded with a gym session (and my box of protein bars arrived today. BUZZINGGGGG). I’m always critical about some part of the show, but that’s normal for me. I want to better every time. 

Time for #5adayprogress:

1. Trying a workout I saw online and  doing all 5 rounds 

2. Eating my dinner even though I kept thinking I didn’t feel like it 

3. Drinking more water 

4. Dragging myself to breakfast despite really wanting to hit the snooze button a few more times 

5. Completing this post for 3 days in a row 

Day 2. 

Day 2 of my 5 positive things posts. 

1. A whole hour of catching up with my best friend over the phone ❤️

2. Feeling positive about the show

3. Having a nap! 

4. A lovely message from somebody 

5. Comments from a nice couple after the show tonight 

In general, today has felt like a good day. Nothing major happened to make it so, but I do feel it’s been fairly easy to feel good today!