My shine on nominations

ImageThese people have all written posts that have given me a feeling of support. They are all blogs that have given me “food for thought” about ed issues, and reminded me that there is always someone out there who understands.

Thank you 🙂!/read/blog/id/48546188/   this sick foundation   eating disorder stuff!/read/blog/id/44127180/  dear bee!/read/blog/id/23067123/  writing and recovering!/read/blog/id/43740934/  you make me feel sick!/read/blog/id/33899264/  grey eyed athena!/read/blog/id/29967988/ set yourself on fire!/read/blog/id/44121004/  growing into peace!/read/blog/id/42477402/  war in my brain!/read/blog/id/49027099/  lets talk about ed baby!/read/blog/id/46401620/ diary of a 20 something!/read/blog/id/46260751/  eating anonymous!/read/blog/id/30105323/  from anorexia to bulimia and beyond!/read/blog/id/42038945/  life is a train get on board!/read/blog/id/40744352/ fighting to live life