Admiration and feeling inspired :)

You know when you love someone? A boyfriend/girlfriend, a parent, a friend? Obviously the latter kind of love is a form of appreciation and an enjoyment of time spent in their company, rather than a relationship kind of love.
Well I’m lucky to have lots of people to love in my life: my family, and friends who say they love me in spite of my problems.
Today has reminded of a very special relationship I have, with an ex tutor. When I was being taught by this person it was fantastic. They inspired me with their knowledge and skill, and I admired their attitude to their work and their students. My disorder became something they chose to become a part of, and they were a lifeline through some
Incredibly difficult moments. They taught me to have some patience for myself and to try to be honest with people. The gratitude I have is indescribable, and speaking to them today has reminded me that they inspire me for who they are, for how much they care about me, and for how much my admiration for them hasn’t changed with time.
Life can suck sometimes, but I am blessed to know such a decent and lovely lady.

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