Doctors: do they really care?

I keep asking myself if any of the doctors I see actually care at all about my situation. I know there must be GP’s out there who really do love their job and work hard to help everyone, but right now I don’t feel like one of their lucky patients.

Whatever I say, and however honest I try to be, I never feel as though I have enough of a problem to be listened to, or they don’t have enough time for me, or they simply do not understand what eating disorders feel like. I thought empathy was meant to be a strength of a doctor?!

Either way I am currently waiting (as always) for blood test results and an appointment with another different doctor. I would like to be optimistic and feel as though I can get the help I need to spur the tiny piece of me that wants to get better on…. but I’m not. I’m bored and stressed of waiting around and feeling insignificant.

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