Yoga, new plans and letting the shit go

I went to a yoga class today. It’s one I’ve been to sporadically, as it is near my parents home so I usually go when I’m here. I always enjoy it, even though some of it doesn’t demand much of me physically (only because it’s an adults beginners class and I’m a dancer šŸ˜‚), but with most of the movements I can push myself and enjoy the challenge of having to sustain each thing for x amount of breaths. 

Today seemed particularly good. I felt like I worked on my balance, strength and focus. I felt involved in each movement rather than thinking about 70 other things instead of what I was doing! The breathing also helps me to be calm and feel refreshed. 

So my new plan is to do some of the class at home. I’m going to try doing it in the morning for the rest of this week and see how I feel. I think it could be a way to set my day up more positively. 

A couple of dumb, little things happened today, but I’m going to just forget about them. Who cares if someone bashed the wall to tell me to shut up when I was doing NOTHING? Or if something small that somebody said triggered my ed? All the shits will not be given to this pointless stuff. I did something that was good for me today, so I don’t need to allow external things to bring me down 


2 thoughts on “Yoga, new plans and letting the shit go

  1. I love yoga šŸ™‚ glad to hear you enjoyed the class, keep us posted on how you get on with the home practice šŸ™‚ it’s do great to get a break from the brain chatter & being able to use your breath to calm your mind & body is a skill for life! I’ve used it pre-performance to calm and focus myself too x Em

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