Material motivations. 

It’s almost the weekend! Oh hang on, I work most weekends 😂

Today I want to have a chat with you guys about rewarding yourself throughout recovery. I’ve never been reckless with money, but I do like to find things I really like when I am buying myself something. That being said, I’ve been thinking about using successful points in my recovery and life in general as a reason to buy something for myself. 

As a general rule, I like buying gifts for others, but feel uncomfortable about getting anything for myself. It feels like I don’t deserve to be doing it most of the time. 

Material things definitely don’t create happiness by themselves, but they are important to me for two reasons:

1. On my down days, being able to listen to music or watch videos on an electronic device gives me distraction and a bit of comfort

2. Allowing myself something I like is good self care for me

What are your guys’ thoughts? Anybody else find it hard to treat themselves?

11:35 pm here, so I should definitely have my little eyes shut!


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