Mental illness and living life. 

There are countless times where my psychological state has stopped me from me doing things. While there are circumstances where this is unavoidable (e.g.  Suicidality, panic attacks etc), sometimes continuing to live life and do something can take away the difficult feelings for a while.

Right now I’m still waiting to figure out where my next dance job will be. There are 2 possibilities at present, and the not knowing has been extremely hard for me. I’ve been more restrictive without consciously trying to, I’ve had anxiety from the moment I’ve woken up everyday, and I’ve been strung along waiting for an answer that I’ve yet to solve. The days continue to pass and I’m keeping in mind the advice of a friend I made on my first job:

Don’t waste your time at home. You’ll be going somewhere new soon enough, and be regretting wasting your quality time with family and friends worrying about your next step. 

Ive met up with some of my friends, had lots of cuddles with my dogs and cats, and spent time with my mum. But the last few days I just felt myself unable to detach my brain from the job worried at all, so… I booked flights to see my Spanish family and meet the 2 week old babies my cousin just had. 

Today might have involved a lot of emailing and waiting for replies, but I did cuddle 2 beautiful babies. 

Hope everyone is ok


5 thoughts on “Mental illness and living life. 

  1. Yay for cuddles with babies, cats and dogs 🙂 great advice from your friend! I’m taking a leaf out of your book and enjoying my “at home” time here now as I start a new job on Monday. I’m just home from a week of dance in London and loved it!! X hope you get an answer soon and in the mean time keep doing everything you’re doing to make the not knowing time a bit more comfortable xxx Em

    • Hope you had a good week in London! What was it for?
      I’m trying to keep going & I have to say, cuddling the babies is a pretty good way to do it 😍😍

      • Thanks dance buddy 🙂 it was a week long workshop with a choreographer whose work I L❤️VE called Deborah Hay and it was run by an organisation called Independent Dance, they run regular professional class, workshops, festivals – you might know them? If not check them out – the studio is gorgeous & their programming is really good xx

      • I’ve heard of things they’ve run, but never been! I often go to danceworks or pineapple for a class when I can, but I might shake it up 😉 hope your weekend started off well xx

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