Day 10. 


1. Sitting out on the balcony with the girls, where I’d usually stay alone in my room 

2. Feeling good about my ab workout 

3. Ordering some shorts (I’m so particular about things that this is an achievement.) making decisions is hard

4. Managing without a propranolol even though I felt anxious earlier 

5. Coping with unexpected costumes 

Tomorrow I will try:

  • Email the two places saved on my phone (should have done it today but it’s s long story why i couldn’t!)
  • Phone up about my contact lenses 

What are you going to achieve tomorrow?


One thought on “Day 10. 

  1. I’m going to eat to my structured plan, go to a run club session (I haven’t been feeling social the last while but going to brave it today!) – that’s enough goals for one day for me! Good luck with sending those emails!

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