Being loved. 

I’m now home from my first contract, and I’m slowly unpacking, getting myself organised, and catching up with family and friends. 

The day I flew back to the UK was so overwhelming emotionally that I wanted to post, but couldn’t work out how was truly feeling! Saying goodbye to my new friends was sad, though I had the excitement of seeing my Mum to look forward. It also signified the start of another uncertain time, which can be challenging. 

The most emotional aspect of the last few days has been the amount of love people have shown me. On leaving Tenerife I was given a handmade card containing the most lovely messages (this shocked me, as lots of people have come and gone in my time there and so I didn’t expect it to be a big deal), and then I got home to find my best friend in the arrivals area waiting for me! Such a thoughtful thing to do, and getting to hug someone who means so much to you after a long time was the best ❤Our two families then met up and it was a pleasure to get to see them all and share hugs and stories together. 

The next greeting was the (utter hysteria) of my cats and dogs. I’ve never seen them behave quite so crazily, and although I’m biased it was TOTALLY ADORABLE. A new house in a new city meant I was given a little tour by my Mum once we were past the animals & we ended up in the lounge, which she had decorated with birthday balloons and presents, and displayed a bunch of flowers that a friend sent me.

Feeling loved doesn’t even cover it. I hope that I am as caring in return for all these fabulous people! 

Things are still feeling new and disorganised, but hopefully I can finish the unpacking soon and start to get my beatings in a new city. Today has been a bit difficult because my body seems to use up my energy really quick and I feel the low blood sugar weakness just an hour or two after eating. I don’t quite understand why I can be really restricting, but then feel like this when I try to eat regularly. Grrrrr 

That’s my (slightly long) ramble over. 


2 thoughts on “Being loved. 

  1. 🙂 aw that sounds so lovely 🙂 I’m so glad you had such a heart-warming welcome home! I can imagine the love and excitement from the animals 🙂 Lucia is so sweet when I get home from a trip !! Well done you on your first pro gig !!! XX and here’s to the future and settling into the new city XX take care, Em

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