Wow. You suck. 

Having been in my new contract for just over a month now, I’m slowly getting to know the people around me. Turns out that one of them sucks! 

In light of them getting fired, they decided to lay into every aspect of my work to the manager. Apparently I’m lazy, a bad dancer, don’t help, and people don’t like me. This fully grown woman chose being horrible about somebody else instead of accepting that getting the sack means it’s her fault and her incapacity for the job. 

I wouldn’t have heard what she said had the choreographer not found it so unbelievable that he told me. He opened with “this will make you laugh”. I see that his opinion must be contrary to her spiteful words or he wouldn’t have been so flabbergasted by it, however, as somebody who lacks confidence, it’s hurt me (even though she is not a dancer and is not good at her job hence getting fired)

Some people just suck. We do all make judgements, but this is way over the line. I don’t know anyone else who would be so vile about somebody they hardly even know. 

A few weeks ago she commented that I always seem to be speaking to someone on the phone or by whatsapp, and in light of seeing her true colours, I’m not surprised she doesn’t have the incredible bunch of friends that I do. I am lucky for my friends, but equally, we share the values of kindness and a good laugh as we each go along our different paths in life. She must be jealous that I have so many strong friendships and family relationships, but I highly doubt she will reflect on herself as the reason why she doesn’t. 

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